Where Do Our Loved Ones Go When They Pass On – Part 2- What Happens After Death

Where Do Our Loved Ones Go When They Pass On – Part 2- What Happens After Death

Here is the next in the series of ‘Where Do Our Loved Ones Go When They Pass On’

I know it brought me comfort finding some clarity and understanding of the process, I hope it does for you too.. Here I will share my understandings of what happens after death and how our loved ones get to Heaven.

As I mentioned in part 1, some souls don’t believe in an after life and will experience the after life accordingly until they acknowledge it.

Of those that do believe or are open to the possibility of life beyond earth, there is quite a significant number that don’t experience the white light at all. They describe having their earth surrounding just peel away to reveal a new and most wonderful, overwhelmingly loving, serene environment. Their descriptions of the actual physical surroundings are very much the same as those that do travel too and through the light which you will read further along in this article.

For those souls that do experience the light they express a weightlessness as they rise from their physical body, an immediate freedom from all pain and suffering and a sense of freedom from the restrictions of their physical vehicle. It has been noted by Michael Newton in Journey of Souls that newer souls, as in souls that have had fewer earth lives,  describe the white light as coming close to them at their point of passing, whereas older more experienced souls express how the light is more distanced, they, when they are ready are drawn toward it, the time it takes to travel into the light is about the same once the soul is ready to move on.

Souls like my sister that had very traumatic lives and deaths are most often met by a guide, someone who is familiar to them from previous heaven experiences and someone who is there to comfort and travel with them, they infuse love, compassion and peace to these souls.

Suicide is not treated differently at this point, the soul will still feel the great compassion and love others do, but the soul, especially when it was in a healthy body and relatively healthy mind, does most often express deep remorse for their actions immediately after passing. They will need to go through not only healing and counselling but more focused lessons on what and why they took that action, they are not punished but will be more isolated whilst they work through the issues that took them over in the first place. Souls that have suffered greatly, physically and with severe mental illness are treated differently, with great compassion, healing and love, contrary to the way many earth faiths preach.

Almost all souls joyfully embrace leaving there bodies and moving towards the light, they express a sense of love they had not experienced on earth that not only surrounds them but permeates through them. There are exceptions though, when a young person is suddenly taken from their physical life, especially if they are parents, they may feel traumatised and upset by their passing. Just on that note though, these souls are given a sense of knowing, an understanding that their loved ones lives will carry on, that this event was something their loved ones on earth had agreed to experience before their physical birth and that they have their own soul journey to follow, this does greatly ease the newly passed souls fears of separation and enables them to progress where later on they will be counselled and receive healing as do all traumatised souls.

There are earth bound souls, often troubled souls in their life time that refuse to acknowledge there passing and reject the light, from my understanding they are never forgotten by their guides and spirit loved ones, the opportunity to return to the light is frequently offered to them, but some souls can stay earth-bound for hundreds of years, clinging to the life, a home or building or the place of their passing in the hope of completing unsettled business, these souls are often the nuisance souls we hear about as ghosts but more on that another time.

Most souls embrace their transition  and enter the white, bright and welcoming light often a little bemused at first but willingly and joyfully, they may still feel connected to earth and their loved ones, but do begin to have a memory and understanding of the process they are experiencing which refreshes them and brings them peace.

It surprised me to learn, mostly through books by Michael Newton and the between life regressions he has spent decades researching, as well as well documented NDE’s such as Betty Eadie in her book ‘Embraced By the Light’ that there are sounds, like a  loud rushing or rumbling as the light emerges, that then become chime like; some describe bells and sounds they have never before heard on earth that become quite hypnotic.

The white light people describe as seeing during NDE actually becomes a grey on entering, Betty Eadie described being swallowed up by what she could best describe as an enormous but welcoming  tornado, once they enter the grey mass and move away from earth they travel in a deep, dark blackness with pin holes of light at the far end. Despite its darkness it is not ever refereed to as  frightening, it apparently surrounds you and you become part of it as it draws you up, gradually at first, then at such speed it has been described as faster that the speed of light in one persons impression.

Some describe travelling alone, others are aware that there are other souls also travelling with them, though they are not aware of who they are, others describe travelling with guides. They all express an overwhelming sense of peace, safety, love, warmth, empathy, compassion and a feeling of belonging, some have expressed rapture, blissfulness and ecstasy; They also receive a knowing of information, this is shared but not through words or even lineal thought, but as chucks of knowledge placed within their consciousness. Knowledge of their eternity and oneness, their connection to all things, knowing that they are infinite and perfect and that no harm can come to them, nothing can ever destroy them.

The mass or energy field they travel through changes as they move further through it, the small pin hole of light at the end becomes bigger and brighter and on approaching the end, the mass becomes tunnel like, lighter and more cloud like. The light at this point has often been described as drawing the soul energy towards with a magnetic pull. As the tunnel ends there is a vast brilliance of light, brighter than human eyes have seen but not so bright that the emerging souls can not look at it and very often it is from that light that ‘light beings,’ soul mates, family and friends emerge to greet with comfort, love and assurance their new arrival.

There is always awareness on the other side (heaven) of the soon to be arriving soul well in advance of the souls passing on earth. Their loved ones prepare and wait to embrace the new soul as soon as he/she arrives, maybe this is why some of us may experience The Three Knocks of Death many days before we hear the news of a loved ones death as I did with Zoe. Very frequently NDE survivors describe meeting friends from their life on earth that they hadn’t known were dead, old school and childhood friends, distant relatives, school teacher etc that information is then confirmed after their return to their physical body.

What is seen on exiting the tunnel is for some expanses of billowy white, clean cloud like layers, there are descriptions of majestic, beautiful, orderly, vast, home, some see fields, meadows, castles, wild flowers, they hear gentle chimes and music so beautiful that there is no comparison too it on earth. All express an immediate connection through thought and a gradual awareness of all things, a knowing that this is where they belong, the reasons for their last life on earth and an immense inner and outer peace and relief.

It is difficult to know the time frame that passes between the passing of the soul to the destination of ‘heaven’ but so many NDE get to the point of passing through the light, meeting loved ones and further before they are sent back. It has frequently been recorded that some NDE subjects have been physically dead for up to 25 mins and in some cases much longer which sounds unfathomable but I am passing on what has been expressed by people who have died even in hospital environments. My take on it is that if you were meant to see and experience heaven then return to share your new understandings, maybe your descriptions and experiences are not the only reason, maybe the miracle of your survival is also vital to offer as evidence to those that believe this earth life is all there is and maybe also it is to bring comfort to those that have lost loved ones and are grieving, I know I have found great comfort.

Next up will be more on heaven and what it looks like,

Much Love

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